How to configure Ruby on Rails 7, Postgresql and pgadmin with Docker

I needed to configure Ruby on Rails 7, postgresql with pgadmin with docker.  You can follow this method - 

1. Download the project first or git clone.

git clone

If you clone you have to change your repo name later from .git/config file

2. Rename the project name as your wish

mv rails-7-docker-template-with-postgresql your_project_name

3. Change directory -

cd your_project_name

4.Update your rails version on the Gemfile -

source '' gem 'rails', '7.0.3'

5. Update Ruby version on Dockerfile -

FROM ruby:3.1.2-slim

6. Now install new rails app -

docker-compose run app rails new . --force --database=postgresql --skip-bundle

7. Build the docker image -

docker-compose build

8. Update database details on config/database.yml file.

default: &default

  adapter: postgresql

  encoding: unicode

  host: postgres

  username: postgres

  password: password

  pool: 5


  <<: *default

  database: dev



  <<: *default

  database: dev

9. Run -

docker-compose up

10. wait little bit see your eyes on the console, it should show -

Puma Listening on Pg admin Listening at: http://[::]:80 (1)

11. It will take time to load. Keep patient. After then then open another terminal and create a database -

docker-compose exec app rake db:create

12. Browse http://localhost:3000.

13. Browse http://localhost:5050/ . You can login on pgadmin. username: password: password

14. Add database connection on pgadmin. You need your postgres_container IP address.

docker ps

copy hash code of postgres_container.

docker inspect fcc97e066cc8 | grep IPAddress

15. after login on pgadmin add connection. Write host IP address. username: postgres password: password

16. now you can start work on your project.


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