How to create Ruby on Rails 7 and Mysql project with Docker

Sometimes I have to work on multiple pc. It's helpful if project is configured on docker. I was searching a good docker-composer.yml template on github. But most of the case for rails 7 it was not working perfect. Sometimes I am getting a good template which was working perfect for rails 7, but it was configured for Postgreesql. But I need mysql. Sometimes I am getting template which was works perfectly for the old version of rails, not working for the new version.

So I have configured docker with Rails 7 and Mysql. If anyone want to create a fresh new project it will be helpful. Here is the git repo -

1. First clone the project

$ git clone

2. Rename the project name as your wish

$ mv rails-7-docker-template-with-mysql your_project_name

3. Change directory -

$ cd your_project_name

4. Update your rails version on the Gemfile -

source '' gem 'rails', '7.0.3'

5. Update Ruby version on Dockerfile -

FROM ruby:3.1.2-slim

6. Now install new rails app -

$ docker-compose run app rails new . --force --database=mysql --skip-bundle

7. Build the docker image -

$ docker-compose build

8. Update database details on config/database.yml file.

default: &default
adapter: mysql2
encoding: utf8
pool: 5
username: root
password: "root"
host: mysql

<<: *default
database: dev


9. Run -

$ docker-compose up

10. Browse http://localhost:3000 

If it's work perfectly please make star on my repo. If you have any question you can ask me.


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