Go live on facebook, youtube and other platforms using open broadcaster software

Generally for facebook live we use messanger on mobile. But for computer there are nice software to go live. Personally I like obs software. OBS means Open Broadcaster software. You can download it from here - https://obsproject.com/

Install and open the software. Here is the interface -

Suppose you want to broadcast on facebook page. Go to your page setting and click on the publishing tools. Click on the video - Video Library - On the top left click on Live.

You can see here stream key. This key is important. Now go to OBS and click on setting. Here on the output section select facebook live and put the stream key here then apply it.

Go on facebook and click on the next button. Add Video Title and tag on the left side. Then click on the go live. Now your video is live broadcasting from your webcam. On these software there are so many features. You can also live broadcast from your computer screen.

Hope you have idea how to use this software. By this process you can go live also from youtube. If you face any problem don't forget to leave comment. Thanks.


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