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After closing the browser "remember me" is not working on rails with devise gem [Solved]

Generally I use devise gem in any rails application for authentication. It's so much popular and so many features. Recently I noticed that my customers are login on the websites too many times. Really I don't want to. It should store the session on browser that user should not login many times if he visits my site. Remember me option helps to users more active on the website. Generally user don't like to login again and again on a site.

How to restore if facebook suspend or disable your account

Facebook declared that they had begun to purge “a substantial number” of accounts which are fake or spam. The fake accounts created largely from some countries to accumulate likes as part of a sophisticated campaign. They did so by “liking” publishers’ pages in order to target their followers with spam. Sometimes your real account may be suspended by facebook.

how to install positive ssl on your website using nginx webserver

Now a days SSL is mandatory to encrypt information of website and also validate server identities to their visitors. If any site has no ssl, during user login most of the popular browser show that "this connection is not secure".

Add queue in Laravel 5.4 using beanstalkd and keep it live with supervisor

Sometimes we need to add task that will take so much time. Like we want to convert a video to mp3 file. So this type of task we add to the queue. Then it converted on our server and after finishing the task we will show notification to the user. Today I will describe how to work on queue in laravel.

Go live on facebook, youtube and other platforms using open broadcaster software

Generally for facebook live we use messanger on mobile. But for computer there are nice software to go live. Personally I like obs software. OBS means Open Broadcaster software. You can download it from here -

[Solved] After upgrading WP Bakery Visual Composer does not work in latest wordpress 4.7.2

I used visual composer one of my wordpress website version 4.1. After then 1 year later I upgraded our wordpress version to 4.7.2. Then I noticed that visual composer was not working. When I clicked on the backend editor I saw visual composer icon was loading and nothing happend-