Convert html to pdf using wiked pdf gem(Ruby on Rails)

Today I will write how to convert html to pdf. For this we will use wiked_pdf gem. It’s a nice gem to convert.
1. put this on your gem file
gem ‘wicked_pdf’, github: ‘mileszs/wicked_pdf’
gem ‘wkhtmltopdf-binary’

2 . Then on the controller you can write this(if u want to generate pdf file on the browser).
here you must define which template do u want to make pdf. here i write basic_infos/show.html.erb
respond_to do |format|
format.pdf do
render :pdf => “file.pdf”, :template => ‘basic_infos/show.html.erb’
———— OR ————-
if u want to make force download link, you can write like this –
respond_to do |format|
format.pdf do
@pdf = render_to_string :pdf => “mashpy”, :template => ‘basic_infos/show.html.erb’, :encoding => “UTF-8″
send_data(@pdf, :filename => “mashpy”, :type=>”application/pdf”)
3.You can put download button like this –
<td><%= link_to ‘Download CV’, basic_info_path(basic_info, :format => :pdf) , :format => :pdf %></td>
<td><%= link_to ‘Preview CV’, basic_info_path(basic_info) %></td>

4. on the template you have to embed css file using wiked functon. like this –
<%= wicked_pdf_stylesheet_link_tag “template1″ -%>

You can define your css file instade of template1

5. Also to show images on the pdf you have to use wicked_pdf_image_tag. here you can see i also used “to_s” funtion.
<% if @basic_info.avatar.present? %>
<% if request.format == ‘application/pdf’ %>
<%= wicked_pdf_image_tag @basic_info.avatar.to_s %>
<% else %>
<%= image_tag @basic_info.avatar.to_s %>
<% end %>
<% end %> 

6. Then on the helper you have to write like this –
def wicked_pdf_image_tag(img, options={})
if img[0].chr == “/” # images from paperclip
new_image = img.slice 1..-1
image_tag “file://#{Rails.root.join(‘public’, new_image)}”, options
image_tag “file://#{Rails.root.join(‘public’, img)}”, options
By this process you can easily convert html to pdf.


  1. Another option is to use a API such as GrabzIt's HTML to PDF API. This allows you to freely convert HTML directly to PDF and best of all it uses a browser process for accurate conversion:

  2. Division - This HTML tag is used for defining a section of your document. With the div, you can group large sections of HTML elements together and format them with CSS.


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