Install mean (Mongo, Express, Angular & Node) on

Today I will share with you how to work with mean on You will find many tutorial how to deploy it on ubuntu. I just follow that tutorial and find a way how to do it on nitrous. my favourite remote host.
First go to the . Open an account and then Open a nitrous box. Select node.js. 

Name: Your name
Region : US EAST
Memory: it’s depend on your power
Storage: it’s depend on your power
Then create the box.Click on the IDE

Now follow this steps
1. Now we will Install Mongodb. To install Mongodb on your box, go to the shell prompt and type:
parts install mongodb
You can confirm the installation was successful by typing parts start mongodb. To stop the mongodb server you type parts stop mongodb.
2. You have to confirm your Node & NPM Installations. Type
at the command prompt. You should see a > sign if node is installed correctly. You are now in the node shell. Type control-c to exit the shell. Type NPM at the prompt and you should see some usage information
3. we will Install Express. type
npm install express -g
npm install express-generator -g
The -g flag means the package will be installed so you can run it from the terminal. Note, if you are using the free box you will likely encounter errors during the Express installation as a result of you exceeded the allocated storage.
4. Now we will create our app. Run –
express myeatlapp
cd myeatlapp && npm install
DEBUG=myeatlapp:* npm start
Now check Preview – Port 3000. You will see -
Express , Welcome to Express
If u face any problem don’t hasitate to comment here.


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