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Install mean (Mongo, Express, Angular & Node) on

Today I will share with you how to work with mean on You will find many tutorial how to deploy it on ubuntu. I just follow that tutorial and find a way how to do it on nitrous. my favourite remote host. First go to the . Open an account and then Open a nitrous box. Select node.js.  

Install yii framework-2 on

Today I will write how to install Yii framework on cloud box. If you face any problem to install it don’t hasitate to comment here. First open a box by selecting PHP.

Role based registration with devise and cancan using Ruby on Rails

It’s very bad that to solve this problem I had to spend many days. I need to register my client site two types of users. We can use role types. we will use devise for registration and by using cancan we will authorize the content. You can check the demo source code .