Using key scrambler protect your password from hackers

This post is important for protecting password from hackers.  I am using Firefox browser add-on to protect this.
It is an add-on of Firefox’s key scrambler, if you install it , keylogger or spyware can not hack your password. when you input username and password in gmail or other accounts, you have to keep on this add-on. Now the question is: why you have to keep on?

Suppose, someone has installed key logger in your pc, if you type anything, key logger will track your typing logs. On the other hand, if you keep on key scramler after then if you type something, keylogger will get wrong key information. If  you write Mashpy Says, it converts into  4wm5,5 a= or something else.

I am not givining you the download link, because there are many firefox version and sometimes certain download link will not work for your firefox version.  You can work in this process –
Go Firefox tools – add-ons – Get add ons. Now you will find a small search-box and type here “key scrambler” – enter. You will see the add-on on the list. Download this add-on and install it. Then restart your pc.
if you input your password anywhere, You can on the key scrambler. To on it go to the  system – tray, double – click the new icon on the key  scrambler. Now you input username and password safely.
When you write the Bengali, please turn it off. To turn off go to the System-tray ,double-click the new icon. Then key scrambler will off.

Hope you get a good solution protecting your account information from hackers. if you face any problem, don’t hasitate to write a comment on the comment box.


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