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Start your first program in Linux using a nice IDE Geany | Ubuntu 14.04

In Previos post i had written about how to work with codeblocks in ubuntu 14.04 . Now i have found another nice IDE name “Geany”. Now i will discuss about how to install and work with it. Using this you can work with C, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, Python, Perl, Ruby, Pascal and Haskell.

Compile C & C++ program in ubuntu 14.04 using codeblocks

Most of the people don’t have clear idea how to run C program in Linux. Today i will discuss how to run c program in linux. My development mechine is latest ubuntu 14.04. we have to install codeblocks.

Using key scrambler protect your password from hackers

This post is important for protecting password from hackers.  I am using Firefox browser add-on to protect this. It is an add-on of Firefox’s key scrambler, if you install it , keylogger or spyware can not hack your password. when you input username and password in gmail or other accounts, you have to keep on this add-on. Now the question is: why you have to keep on?