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Your apple magic mouse is not smooth? Take the solution.

I bought magic mouse 1 month ago. But I could not use it properly. Cause it's not smooth and unresponsive. To fix this I used two software and one tricks. Let me share it.

Add pagination with findwhere collection on Laravel l5 repository system

Now a days repository system L5 repository is popular. Suppose we have some posts and want to show this posts on the admin panel. On there we need to add pagination. L5 gives opportunity to use paginate like this -

Redirect all of your non-www url to www (http and https)

You know There are lots of Resource to solve this problem. But I Have taken too Much Time to solve It. I easily redireted non-WWW to WWW When my url is http. But It's too difficult to solve It When I am in https. Here is important tips, u Your .htaccess Code Will Not Have It no https ssl Certificate for work. I do Not know about this.